We ask that you pick up your child as promptly as possible to allow staff time to prepare resources and attend meetings. Please note that Nursery children may only be collected by adults, and we are not able to hand children over to anyone who is under 18.

We operate a password system, where we ask you to provide us with a password.  If a person who you have included in your permissions booklet, but who we have not previously met, is to collect your child, you can give them your password so that we can be sure you have consented to them collecting your child.  Also, please let nursery staff know if there is to be a change to who is picking up your child, particularly if they are unfamiliar to us. We will never hand  children over  unless we can be sure that they are leaving with the right person, and this can sometimes be quite awkward, both for us, and for the person collecting, if we have not been given prior warning.  If you need to change your password, or change or add to your list of people who can collect, please speak to your Key Person. See our Staff page for information about our 'key person'.

Please ensure that the school office has up to date information (name, address, phone number, mobile number) for staff in case they need to contact you.  Please remember to let us know if you change your number.  Also, please make sure that we have at least one other person who we can contact if you are not available.  (Please make sure they live locally)