The morning session runs from 8.45 – 11.45 am and the afternoon session from 12.30 – 3.30pm.

On a Wednesday, to enable staff to evaluate the previous week’s learning and to plan for the next week, the session times are slightly different, to allow for an hour long lunchtime planning meeting.  The morning session runs from 8.30-11.30 and the afternoon session from 12.45-3.45.

Before the session starts we ask that families wait outside the main doors until they are opened by a member of staff.  While you are waiting, please do not allow children to play on the outdoor  equipment before or after the session, for health and safety reasons.

At the end of the session the main doors will be opened for the parents of Mrs Considine’s and Mrs Goodman's children.  You will be invited to pick up your child from their corner.  Parents of Mrs Cossey’s children can collect their children from the back doors, accessed through the outdoor play area.