Staff set up the Nursery every day, with a mixture of adult led and child initiated activities.  Some things are always available, such as playdough, painting, drawing, book corners, dressing up, construction and puzzles.  Others are changed regularly such as small world play, and resources in the sand and water trays. Children are encouraged to access all of the areas independently, and to lead their own learning.

The Nursery is divided into the following areas:

The Wet Area

This is where all the messy stuff takes place.  It includes a playdough table, tactile area (where you explore things like gloop, baked beans and custard powder – yum!), painting easel, sticking and drawing tables, and sand and water play.  These are all on offer every day.

The Dry Area

This is a bit less messy, but still very important! Here you will find:  a puzzle table, small world play, laptops and Ipads, construction corner, home corner (which changes regularly into a new imaginative play area), the discovery table (where you can explore colours, textures, magnets, minibeasts and lots of other exciting things throughout the year) and our Nursery fish.



These are where we have our group time at the end of the session, before we go home.  Here you will find dressing up clothes, a listening area, book corners and lots of cushions to make nests

The Snack Table

Children can choose to have their snacks when they are ready.  They are encouraged to wash their hands, find their snack card, check the menu,  pour their own drink, and then sit down and enjoy their snack alongside their friends.  When they have finished, they wash up their cups and leave them to drain.  You would be amazed at the lovely interactions and deep conversations that take place at the snack table.  It’s the place to be!

The Nursery Garden   

Our doors to the outside world are open every day, and children access the garden all year round, regardless of weather. We are so lucky to have a fantastic outdoor play area, on three levels. 

We have a large covered play area, with lots of exciting climbing equipment.  We have an imaginative play “cube” which might be the 3 Bears’ Cottage one day, and an ice cream shop the next.  We have a writing shed, full of clipboards and pens and pencils so the children can write and draw wherever and whatever they like.  We have black and whiteboards too.  We have bikes and cars and scooters and buggies, and lots of small games equipment, and a mud kitchen.  We have a sandpit so big that you all sit in it, grownups too!  We have a track for the bikes and cars, and a stop and swap sign to encourage the children to remember to take turns. 

In the woods


This is a lovely area to observe the changes in season, and to hunt for bugs and minibeasts.  We have lots of climbing equipment here too, and the children’s imaginations run wild as they board a pirate ship and hunt for treasure, or build dens and hide from the big bad wolf. 

In the garden

The children access this via a slippery slope, and love to spend time digging and hunting for bugs in the mud.  This is also where the Sensory Cottage is to be found, where children can access and explore interesting objects and textures, designed to stimulate their senses and get them talking.